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Pre-Listing Home Inspections Benefit Sellers in Kansas City

Pre-Listing Home Inspections Benefit Sellers in Kansas City

Sellers of Kansas City homes:  Get a home inspection and use it to your advantage.  In fact, the Home Inspection Report can actually be used to market your Kansas City real estate. The strategy has helped many sellers of Kansas City homes to achieve their goals in a timely manner. 

How?  For one thing, a pre- inspection will remove the last-minute scrutiny that unwinds all of the agent's hard work.  So Kansas City real estate agents will consider property with a pre-listing inspection to be a good risk.  They will more readily suggest your home to potential buyers in the Kansas City home market.  Combined with a good price and available financing, a favorable home inspection adds transparency to the listing. 

We are speaking here about having a home inspection completed before the home is put on the market or as soon as possible thereafter.  If sellers wait until an interested party the inspection, they leave themselves open.  Remember, the buyer wants to find reasons to negotiate lowering the price.  Worse yet, defects revealed after the buyers are ready to buy could send them running. 

On the other hand, if the seller orders the home inspection and fixes any problems or repairs, then major obstacles to the smooth sale and closing are eliminated.

A seller’s inspection also adds confidence and protects the seller from unreasonable terms during negotiations.  The inspection adds transparency, an important element if the seller wants to sell the property AS IS.  Even if the buyer orders a second inspection, it will not uncover additional major defects or deal breakers. A seller’s home inspection also comes in handy in the case of a lawsuit. 

The focus of a home inspection is on the structural integrity of the property.  The inspector goes over the electrical systems and plumbing, the heating and air-conditioning, the foundation, the roof, wells and the septic, and evidence of environmental problems such as asbestos, mold, and fungus.  Sellers can also order additional tests for bacteria in the water, carbon monoxide, radon, and other well-known toxins.

A highly experienced, certified professional will best accomplish the task.  Inspectors do not judge the home design and cosmetic details.  The inspector tests the mechanicals and appliances, materials and condition of the property.  Once problems become known, they can be solved.  As an overwhelming majority of buyers do not want a fixer upper these days, sellers who take seriously the repair list are doing themselves a favor.

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