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How to Prepare Kansas City Homes for the Market-Part 1

How to Prepare Kansas City Homes for the Market—Part 1

Anyone planning to put a Kansas City home on the real estate market this year should start preparing now.  Sellers of homes in Kansas City can create checklists and begin now to ease the stress later.  Two levels of preparation to accomplish before listing the Kansas City real estate include:
1) Removing excessive possessions and simplifying
2) Home maintenance and repairs

First, take a step back from the Kansas City property.  Leave the neighborhood and return, imagining you are looking to buy a house.  Pull up in front wherever the guests would park and walk up to the front door.  All the while, note eyesores and things that may be out of order. 

Does the landscaping look sharp?  Perhaps make note that you would like to put a few pots of colorful petunias along the walkway near the porch.  Is the area outside the door clear and the door in good shape?  Step inside.  How can you improve the entry?  The front of the house and the entrance are the places where first impressions are formed.

The next job may be the most difficult for those who have lived in one place for a long time.  Tour the home room by room and note the unneeded possessions.  Each closet and storage area will need to be attacked by the organizer within you.  All clutter must go.  Unused possessions and outdated clothing must go.  Broken furniture or appliances that have been sitting around in the garage need to be discarded or given away.

Now inspect the living areas in full daylight hours.  Perhaps organize yourself by room.  Open all the blinds and curtains, turn on all the lights.  Make a list of all the little tasks that need to be done before your home is put up for sale.  Inspect the walls and ceiling, the light fixtures and switch plates, the floors, doors, and windows.  Assess the condition of the curtains, draperies, and blinds.

Some sellers automatically hire a painter to put a fresh coat of paint everywhere.  Smokers need to use a special paint formula to cover nicotine.  At the least, repair holes in the walls and paint, replace broken tiles, and thoroughly clean the woodwork.  Consider having the carpets cleaned before posting the for sale sign outside.  Determine if the carpet is worn and possibly install brand-new carpet in a neutral color.

Correctly staged properties sell more quickly and fetch a better price.  Staging means showing with minimal and tasteful furniture only and perfect accessories so that potential buyers can readily imagine themselves in the home.  Think Spartan but add spark.  

Shelly O'Boynick
Realtor, Broker Associate
RE/MAX Realty Suburban
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