Friday, March 21, 2014

How to Prepare Kansas City Homes for the Market Part 2

During Part 1 on this subject, we suggested creating helpful checklists months ahead of putting a Kansas City home on the market.  Also we spoke of the important projects of de-cluttering and staging.  Sellers must also take care of as many major and minor home repairs before listing real estate in Kansas City. 
Smart sellers of Kansas City properties obtain a pre-listing inspection of the home and repair anything else that surfaces.  The home will sell most quickly and at better price if it looks well-maintained from the get-go.  Homes that are sold in “as is” condition move quite slowly on the Kansas City real estate market.
Let’s go over some basic repairs.  Depending on the season of the year, homeowners can tackle the outside elements or the inside elements first.  Examine interior and exterior paint on the walls and trim.  Perhaps the front door could be painted one of the new neutral colors that complement the trim on the home's fa├žade. 
As your Kansas City real estate agent, I may suggest the entire exterior repainted, and with good reason.  The colors should be neutral.  Not only walls but wood floors, cabinets, doors, woodwork, and built-ins may need to be refreshed.  A good hardware store can refer products for this purpose. 
Decide if the flooring is in good condition or if it somehow dates the home.  Hardwood floors are very popular these days.  Fortunate property owners may discover that the old carpeting covers pristine wood floors.  For example, the old shag carpeting styles from the 1970s and 80s deter from the property value as do certain colors.  Damaged linoleum and floor tiles, counter tiles and backsplash tiles must be replaced.
Any leaks in the home need to be fixed.  The plumbing and plumbing fixtures, toilets, tubs, showers, hot water heater, washing machine, icemaker, air-conditioner, and other water-bearing elements in the home should be examined for leaks.  Be sure all appliances are in good repair and remove others.
The roof shingles must be in good repair.  Examine carefully the roof tiles, especially around seams where the roof is pitched.  At the same time, clean out the leaves from the gutters.  Run a hose down the gutters and downspouts to be sure they do not leak.  Seal all of the seams on the gutters if they leak.
Look at the garage floor.  Hardware stores sell compounds that can remove oil drips from cement.  Consider washing the walls in the garage and/or applying a coat of fresh paint.

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